UV Protection Oil – Tints

Protected prefectly against the sun – transparent, lightly pigmented UV protection for outdoor areas!

UV Protection Oil Tints is based on natural oils for exterior wood furniture. UV Protection Oil Tints, an ecofriendly and sustainable Wood wax oil, is microporous, and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. When used as a final finish after staining wood, Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints prolongs the renovation time significantly.


  • With biocides
  • As a top coat on already colour treated wood, it extends the intervals between renovation works significantly
  • As a single product application, it delays the greying process by means of a UV protection factor 12 in comparison with untreated wood
  • Can sizes: 0.125 L; 0.75 L; 2.50 L
  • 1 litre covers approx. 18 m² with one coat.

Osmo Wood Wax Oil – Ecofriendly and sustainable wood protection solutions

+ Osmo wood wax oils are based on oils and waxes.
+ Osmo wood wax oils maintain the value of wood as a natural raw material.
+ Osmo wood wax oils are natural, environmentally-friendly and harmless to health.
+ Osmo wood wax oils are manufactured based on purified, renewable raw materials.
+ Osmo wood wax oils are harmless for humans, animals and plants when dry.



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