FOR A CONNECTION THAT LASTS AND PROTECTS. Wood and finishes from Osmo can be relied on. Thanks to our in-depth competence in both areas, we know what counts in wood products and finishes. Benefit from our experience.



Only a microporous finish can preserve the natural beauty and durability of wood. Osmo is considered one of the pioneers of modern wood finishing systems based on oils and waxes.

When combining wood and colour, a living breathing work material with a protective surface, a deep understanding for both components is necessary. Our wood finishes are always microporous – only wood that can release moisture will retain its natural beauty. Natural oils and waxes protect the wood against dirt and moisture.

Thanks to the high content of colour pigments, our wood finishes offer twice the coverage as most conventional finishes. Even without primer, they exhibit excellent hiding power from the first or second coat. When renovating, your customers can forgo time-consuming sanding work. That really counts.


Natural raw materials

+ All Osmo finishes are based on oils and waxes.
+ Oils maintain the value of wood as a natural raw material.
+ Natural, environmentally-friendly and harmless to health.
+ Manufactured based on purified, renewable raw materials.
+ Harmless for humans, animals and plants when dry.




Top quality product features

Workability and compatibility of the colour are of major importance.

No water as a solvent due to the lack of workability at high temperature
(reduced open time) and roughening of the surface.
+ No preserving agents, thus no unpleasant smell, high storage stability
and low allergy potential.
+ No “eco”- solvents such as orange peel oil, as they are very often irritant
and allergenic.
+ No normal white spirit as a solvent because the aromatic compounds are.



With disaromatized white spirit that makes the colour more workable
and minimises health risks.
+ With pigments that are registered for the food sector.
+ With linseed oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, sunflower oil, soybean oil
and thistle oil.

“Osmo is neither a traditional varnish manufacturer nor an eco-manufacturer but keeps the balance between functionality and ecological awareness.”


Open-cell character (microporous)

+ The binding agents of Osmo finishes are based on natural, vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood and protect it.

+ The binding agent keeps the components of the finish together and guarantees the adhesion with the surface (oils link and net with the wood fibres).

+ Pigments and waxes as a filler are the solids of the Osmo-finishes. They are the structural substance for the binding agent and cure the finish additionally.

+ The oils fill the pores of the wood and protect it from stagnant moisture which would otherwise damage the wood, however, the oil does not form a watertight film.

+ The wood remains open-pored and can still absorb and release moisture.
+ Colour “works” with the wood.


Lacquers and thick film finishes are film-building coatings that do not net with the wood but lay on the wood surface.

+ Resulting in a closed film that protects the surface against weathering and other influences – problematical as wood “lives”.

+ Swelling and shrinking in connection with moisture cause small cracks to develop enabling moisture to penetrate. The film surface is not sufficient for releasing the moisture. Result: moisture damages the wood (fouling).

+ Emerging vapour pressure loosens the colour from the wood (flaking).

+ There is the risk that traces of brush marks are visible.





Those problems do not occur with Osmo finishes:

+ The microporous finish enables the wood to work without harming it and moisture can be absorbed and released naturally, complying with the natural characteristics of the wood.

+ Optimal connection between wood and colour.

+ No flaking or peeling.

+ Prerequisite: wood moisture content below 20%.

+ No brush marks due to a longer open time.

+ Even a layman can create a professional surface.





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